So…I arrived here from a faraway land called Poland and my name is Zbigniew or Zbyszek (sounds kinda like Spysheck) but everyone calls me Zibi (except for Eli who sticks to Zeepee).

Me – finished Secondary School of Arts in Cracow and Institute of Art in same city with diploma of master of arts… lived one year in Finland (mostly Hki) where I was doing my Erasmus exchange in University of Art & Design and now I’m here in Greece – Serres, which I would never expect, but thats the best way.

My diploma on page of international triennial of graphics in Cracow:

My older blog with some materials for final thesis ‘Artistic ways of expressing ideology in the area of alternative movements in the second half of the XX century’ (Art as aweapon of ideological change ) http://www.zbeep.blogspot.com/

For a decent price I’ll do: old school graphics (woodcut, linocut, metal) and computer ones , drawings, paintings, photos, comics, art workshops for youth, some sculptures and all similar stuff. Here you can see some of my works: http://grimgreen.digart.pl/digarty/

The rest goes for a smile, or is unavailable 🙂



One Response to “Zibi”

  1. Hey,

    just want to say hello. I was also in Serres as a volunteer, some years ago… ´t was an experience
    Hope you all having a good time!

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