Hello all you jolly golly people.

Im sitting here thinking, it’s all good. I like doing spots, the guys n’ me got a good co’operation, doin’ web/posters/spots/you-name-it. And sure, sometimes we mix it up, doing different. Learnin’ experience you know.

Doing the Boss’ show in the mornin’ is a good wake-up call, sorry for me beein’ grumpy in the early hours sometimes, workin’ on it through life if ya know what I mean. Spots in n’ out is easy nowadays, sometimes walking around the problem is another way of dealin’ with it if it gets the same results.

Special field trips are i good way to mix up the weekdays.

But!Only onething I’m allergic to is puttin’ up posters, goes an itch through my whole boyd everytime I hear the task being spoken. Pretty please understand how much time, and difficulty it is putting those up. I mean, being talked to by strangers in greek that you are not allowed to put it up here and there.Of course there are legal places, but not enough for the amount of posters.Anyways, sympathy in the matter would be cool.

So my first post been put in the evs-blog. Good reading for y’all. Serres is starting to get a christmas feeling.. is santa here already?




One Response to “Mikael”

  1. Caroline Kowalska Says:

    Hej där Mikael!
    Vad roligt att du är nere i Grekland, dit vi ska. Tänkte att du kanske kunde dra iväg ett mejl till mig om du har lust, du har ju min adress nu antar jag. Skulle va schysst att kunna mejla ner nån snabb fråga om dte uppkommer någon till dej eftersom du kanske har lite koll på läget där nere.
    Ser fram emot att få åka ner till er!
    kram /caroline

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