Take a free ride!!!

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2008.02.22 The best transport for Volunteers 🙂




You are what You Eat!!!

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Valley recreation.

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2008.02.15. 9 o’clock. Destination – Valley in Serres. Big group of volunteers, planting Olive trees near river, to repair the damage done by greedy people who allowed this beautiful area to be changed into the wood plantation.



Weekend trip (20 km east from Serres)

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2008.02.03. Sunday morning. Hitchhiking at 10 o’clock outside of Serres. Final destination Agios Nikolaos Monastery + Paraskevi Church + Secret Old village. Back home with trailer! Uppyyyjaaajeeee!!! Participants – Eli, Israel, Andrius and Zby.










Sunday relaxation (10 km east from Serres)

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2008.01.27. Sunday morning. 11 o’clock departure from Serres on foot. Final destination Rocky mountain. 18.00 dinner at Volunteer Flat. Participants – Zby, Andrius, Joana.




Stand Up Champaign!

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World, Stand Up with Us! Uppyyy!!!


Here We Go

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This is new page of four EVS volunteers living in Serres. We work for Praxis Greece and here you will read about our daily life and all the new experiences we gain. If you want to know more, go to our subpages. Now, what is Praxis?

PRAXIS is a non-governmental and non- profitmaking cultural organization in Serres . It was founded in 1995 in order to offer a broad spectrum of cultural activities to the town youth and involve them in cultural issues.

Most of the people working for PRAXIS do it voluntarily .

Where is PRAXIS? PRAXIS has its main office with the radio station in the centre of Serres in the town live about 80 000 inhabitants . Because of the Technological Education Institute there is a high number of students living in Serres.
Praxis is located in Serres, capital of the department of Serres,in Northern Greece , not far away from Thessaloniki History Praxis – organisation for young people Founded in 1995 in Serres Mission of Praxis:

– To provide assistance to young people in perfecting their skills, obtaining knowledge and increasing qualification.
– To facilitate integration of young people in the society and support their initiatives

– To provide oportunities for young people to share their opinions and implement joint acitvities with the European youth.
– To ensure the participation of young people in the initiatives of the European Union.
– To promote understanding of European cultural diversity.
– To stimulate greater consolidation in the society and promoting involvement and participation of all social groups, including disadvantaged individuals and persons with special needs

Target Groups:

-Young people willing to participate in youth exchanges.
-Young people willing to contribute to various initiatives in the local community.
– Young people willing to perform voluntary work.
– Youth organisations.
– Local groups and movements.
– Organisations working in the field of youth activities.
– Other entities and stakeholders of the youth or youth training sector.